I have beautiful family - my mum and nana.

There’s no place like home.
👠👠 (at Otumoetai)

And who doesn’t love a good succulent? This one keeps my cactus, Lancelot, company.

#yesinamedmycactus #succulent
To not have had the chance to say a final goodbye to my Grandma whilst living in India made it all the more heartbreaking to deal with her passing. Yet the clipping from a plant of hers I have been nurturing this year has recently bloomed, and it’s the most beautiful comfort.

#flower #bloom #comfort
Had fun finding my feet at ice skating for the first time in years with Imogen tonight (who is now a pro btw)!
We also decided my little attempts to stop falling over somewhat resembled the way Lorde dances.


#iceicebaby (at Paradice Ice Skating)
You know it’s going to be a good day when cake is breakfast.

#thankyoulydia #noregrets #thisiswhyiexercise

Lurking out the windows
Baby carrots and lemons, oh my.

#homegrown #harvest #probablynotevenedible
Autumn, I love thee.


#autumnbaby #BringOnSweaterWeather (at One Tree Hill Domain)
The reward for a late afternoon autumn run.

#burningsky #sunset #autumn (at One Tree Hill Summit)

"Never cry for the same reason twice."

- Stephen Richards (via observando)



Kelly Mittendorf by Oli Kearon

Me myself and I, casting photo by Oli Kearon